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Natural stone wall tiles for infinitely variable style

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Naturally-processed tiles are always trendy as they never go out of style and successfully match the latest trends. The natural beauty of stone wall tiles gives birth to an infinitely variable style. For modern people, stone wall tiles can be a great option for wall decoration for the people who prefer durability and practicality with a unique touch of elegance and sophistication.

Slate bathroom wall tile
Natural stone tiles have been around us for many decades. People from all corners of the world like to use stone tiles to add more appeal and aesthetic elements to their residential and commercial projects. Tiles are still popular today owing to their ability to withstand regular wear and tear. With slate, quartzite, granite, marble, sandstone products, natural stone is a big fit for all sorts of commercial and residential properties and applications. From bath to kitchens and from the living room to hallways, there are many spaces where a tile can make an impression. Primarily, there are two big categories of stone tiles: Wall tiles and floor tiles. When it comes to stone wall tiles, they are considered as a superb choice for garnering shower walls and kitchen splashbacks. A natural stone wall tile is easy to install and a clean-up. Factors like robustness, practicality, hardwearing, and hygiene make natural tiles for walls quite suitable for the modern lifestyle.

Natural stone tiles for wall decoration
Basically, the wall only tiles are likely to be smaller and made from ceramic. For getting something extra and exceptional from your wall tiles, you need to look at a natural gift, not an engineered product. That is why natural stone is extremely valued for its noticeably variable panache and toughness. A variety of finish, shape, size, and color makes natural stone highly appreciated. Natural beauty of naturally-processed tiles never go out of style as it simply keeps up with the latest trends. If you are considering a superb option for wall decoration with the surety of durability and practicality, stone wall tiles can give you an edge. With tile products, you also get an elegant and sophisticated appearance. When it comes to picking up tiles, every tile product has its own characters and features.
  • Granite wall tiles amalgam elegance with rustic style
  • Highly-polished limestone tiles generate a modern feel
  • Marble tiles can produce a definitive, luxurious look
  • Slate tiles create a more bucolic appearance

Chic stone wall tiles can give you an edge if you are searching for durable covering, value addition, natural beauty, uniqueness, low maintenance, climatic advantage, hygiene, heat conduction, and easy cleaning.

Wall tiles vs floor tiles: Compare with rating factors
Natural stone tile products are famous for creating a sense of space. They make any space look bigger and better. Be it an interior area or exterior of your home, there is no dearth of natural tile products available in the form of granite, sandstone, quartzite, limestone, slate, and marble tiles. As far as the difference between wall tiles and floor tiles is concerned, wall tiles tend to be smaller than floor tiles. Tiles meant for the floor are usually bigger in size as they bear regular wear and tear from daily traffic. Wall stone tiles are softer than hard wall floor tiles. Tiles on a wall face no weight and wear and tear. Technically speaking, wall tiles have a rating of 0 on the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) scale. Have a look at two rating factors that determine wall or floor tile categorization.

Coefficient of Friction (COF) Rating
COF ratings indicate which tile goes on flooring or wall. It is said that a floor tile must possess a minimum level of friction so that people can walk safely. It is called COF or Coefficient of Friction. Here the higher number is shown through a greater friction. Basically, wall tiles are available in a honed polish because it rarely faces the issue of friction. If a tile has 0.50+ COF rating, it is assumed suitable for interiors. In case of exteriors, a tile should own a COF rating of 0.60.

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